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Lash Lift Kit

Lash Lift Kit

Lash Lift Kit

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Are you tired of straight eyelashes that don’t hold a curl long enough? Add lift to your lashes without breaking the bank. Our gentle professional eyelash lifting kit curls your lashes without the need of eyelash curlers, lash extensions, or mascara. Our kit is perfect for anyone with straight lashes, whether they’re long or short.

Get the appearance of longer lashes at the comfort of your own home. Lashes can stay curled for up to 8 weeks! You can use this kit up to 12 times before needing a new one.


A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural eyelashes. 

Customers can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $200 at a beauty salon which can be quite pricey.



The treatment originated in Asia, and quickly became popular in the United States. The eyelash perm will last the natural life cycle of your lashes, this can take about 1-2 months before a full new set has grown in. This means that the Lash Lift Kit can last up to 2 years. This is perfect for anyone that have straight lashes or those who frequently use eyelash curlers, fake lashes, or lash extensions.


The Lash Lift Kit is a perfect replacement for fake lashes and eyelash curlers since your lashes can stay curled 24/7!



How it works: 


  • The Perm Lotion is a curling agent that allows the eyelash to curl naturally.


  • The Setting Lotion allows the lash to keep its curl for 1-2 months approximately (the life of a natural lash).


  • The Silicone Lift Pads provides an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes.


  • The Glue is specially formulated for use with the silicone pads. A mild gentle scent and low irritation that does not produce those annoying hard to remove white flakes. 


How to use:


Step 1: Clean any cosmetic products from the lashes and completely dry. Use the No. 4 Cleanser to remove any oil, dust, and residual cosmetics from the lashes.


Step 2: Use an eyelash curler for easy application. 


Step 3: Apply a small amount of eyelash glue onto the back of the silicone pad and wait 20 seconds before placing it onto the eyelids, 

close to the lash line. We suggest using only using a small amount of glue since using too much can cause it to not stick. Avoid getting product into eyes.


Step 4

Apply a small amount of the glue to the front of the 

silicone pad and wait 30-60 seconds 

before brushing the lashes onto the silicone pad. 


Step 5: Brush the eyelashes in an upwards motion using the Y-shaped brush. 

The lashes should be aligned and not crossing each other.

Step 6: Apply Perm No. 1 on the base of the lashes (not the tips) and cover them with plastic wrap for 8 to 12 minutes. 

Avoid getting product into eyes.


Step 7: Carefully remove the plastic wrap and wipe off any excess perm solution with a cotton swab. Then, apply Fixation No. 2 to the base of the lashes 

(not the tips) and then cover them with a plastic wrap. (Fixing time: 8-12 minutes). 

Avoid getting product into eyes.


Step 8: Carefully remove plastic wrap and apply Cleanser No. 4 to clean off all the glue residue with a cotton swab.


Step 9: Carefully remove the silicone pad from the upper part of the eyelid and apply more Cleanser No. 4 if needed to the front and back of the silicone pad. Then use Nutrition No. 3 to nourish your eyelashes.


Step 10: Avoid any contact with water or humidity for 24 hours. After 24 hours, mascara can be applied and styled as desired. 


Don't miss your chance on getting the perfect curled lashes, get yours today before they run out!



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Due to the popularity and high demand of our products, in addition to the pandemic, please allow 7-14 business days of shipping.



It is always advisable to carry out an allergy test in advance. As with every cosmetic product, avoid getting the lash lift products into eyes. Perform a patch test to check for any allergic reactions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. 

Please read the entire instructions before you begin using this product.


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