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Mystery Nail Strip

Mystery Nail Strip

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Not sure which colors to choose or simply love a good surprise? Our Mystery Gel Nail Strip is the perfect option for you! You’ll receive a random gel nail strip from our stunning collection. 

It’s an ideal choice for those who love trying new things or for gifting to someone special who enjoys a good surprise.

Let us surprise you with a fabulous gel nail strip that will keep your nails looking fresh and stylish. Add a touch of excitement to your nail game with our Mystery Gel Nail Strip today!

Note: Due to the nature of this product, specific designs cannot be requested or exchanged. Enjoy the thrill of the unknown and the beauty of our random selections!

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What is this about?

What are Galorase Gel Nail Strips?

These are not your basic nail stickers. 💖

Galorase Nail Strips are made of real high quality gel polish that’s only 60% cured. Just stick them on and cure with a nail lamp to harden.

We offer a variety of designs, eliminating the need for you to paint your nails on your own.

Quick & Easy to Apply

With a quick application process, you'll achieve stunning nails without the time commitment.

Customized Comfort

These adaptable strips fit all nail shapes, ensuring a seamless, tailored appearance on every finger.

Worried about the process?

Don't be! A 60-second UV lamp cure is all it takes.

Say farewell to costly salons and embrace cost-effective, time-saving, and beginner-friendly semi cured gel nail strips for chic, enduring nails.

Who is this for?

Anyone that...

✔️Is bad at doing nails

✔️Wants to save time

✔️Wants to save money

✔️Is a nail biter

✔️Wants to protect & grow their nails

✔️Wants pretty nails without the damage

✔️Wants something easy to apply & remove

How to Apply

  1. Nail Prep: Wash and dry hands. Buff nails, push back cuticles, and wipe with alcohol pad (for long-lasting nails).
  2. Sizing: Find nail sticker matching nail size; stretch if needed.
  3. Sticker Application: Remove top film, apply gel nail sticker leaving slight gap from cuticle, seal edges with wooden stick.
  4. Trim Excess: Gently trim excess gel strip with included nail file.
  5. UV Curing: Cure sticker for 60-120 seconds under UV lamp.

Easy Removal: Use small wooden stick soaked in oil to gently lift edges.

Other Removal Option: File top of gel nails, soak cotton pad in nail polish remover, soak nails for 5-10 mins. Watch video here.

⚠️ Important: Keep unused gel strips away from UV lamp to prevent curing. Insert the gel strips back into the black plastic pouch when not in use.

💦Avoid Water Contact: Refrain from contacting water for at least 2 hours after application.

🤲Avoid Skin Contact: Ensure the strips are not placed on top of your skin, as this can lead to lifting and may cause them to fall off.

Enjoy professional-looking nails effortlessly!

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What's Included?

  • 1 x 20 Sheet of Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips (with different sizes to choose from)
  • Nail File
  • Wooden Stick (for sealing edges & removal)
  • Nail Buffer
  • Pred Pad
  • Random Freebie (while supplies last)

Processing & Shipping

  • Please allow 1-3 business days to process and pack your order.
  • Shipping is 3-4 business days for orders to the US.

United States

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United Kingdom

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Shipping is free in Canada for orders $100 USD and up.

Why Galorase Gel Nail Strips?

✨ Easy to Apply & Remove

🕒 Quick - Cures in 60secs

😍 No Nail Damage

💰 Budget Friendly & Salon Quality

🌈 Endless Designs

💅 Lasts Up to 2 Weeks!

💪 Stronger than regular stickers

🏃‍♀️ Apply anywhere & on the go

  • Fast Free Shipping

    Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more

  • Customer Support

    We provide quick support. Contact us anytime

  • Great Quality Guaranteed

    We use the best quality & safest gel polish materials


How long do these last?

With proper application, Semi cured nails can last up to 2 weeks!

How to remove?

Easy Removal: Use small wooden stick soaked in oil to gently lift edges.

Other Removal Option: File top of gel nails, soak cotton pad in nail polish remover, soak nails for 5 mins. Watch video here.

Can this damage my nails?

Certainly not! Our products guarantee the safety of your beautiful nails, even after they're removed.

Can I use these as extensions?

Our nail strips are not meant to extend nails like acrylics; instead, they offer a thin, durable gel layer on natural nails.

Unlike acrylics, our gel strips are more flexible, making them unsuitable for extensions.

They're intended for the natural nail length, conforming to its shape upon curing without the risk of popping off.

If you would like to add extra length, we recommend using clear full cover nail tips.

How many manicures per pack?

Each pack of our gel strips contains 20 nail strips, typically sufficient for 1-2 manicures!

For shorter nails, consider cutting a sticker in half for use on two nails!

Do I have to cure with a UV lamp?

Absolutely! Our gel strips consist of authentic gel polish, requiring curing under a UV/LED lamp to set and conform to your nail shape.

More questions?

Visit our FAQs for more answered questions!